2:46pm October 20, 2014


*is cute and perfect but also unstable, violent and self-destructive*

2:44pm October 20, 2014


i feel like reading fanfic has kind of broken my desire to read published stories bc like theyre so bland tbh like. where the hell am i gonna get queer android romance in a bookstore. who writes about past assassins working together in a coffeeshop. all i see are straight white people making out like really like REALLY

2:42pm October 20, 2014
  • me: whats your opinion on tampons
  • little brother: they're little fuzzy sticks on strings
  • me: then you are ultimately more mature than most boys
  • little brother: why
  • me: for some reason tampons are gross and taboo just cuz they go in a vagina
  • little brother: well so does a penis and boys never stop talking about those
  • me:
  • little brother:
  • me: that is a fantastic point
2:41pm October 20, 2014


i’m honestly one of those people that are just there like yeah i have friends and people talk to me but i’m nobody’s favorite person and nobody looks forward to talking to me everyday or anything and it sucks

2:41pm October 20, 2014


things girls do that I love:

  • offer their friends sips of their coffee drinks without being asked
  • scratch each others back
  • say things like “smell this lotion I bought this weekend”
  • compliment each other’s eyebrows 
  • that thing when they agree with you and their eyes get really wide and they nod their head solemnly 
  • throw out each others gum wrappers or chip bags when they get up 
2:38pm October 20, 2014



Once you first start noticing how often men will interrupt or talk over you if you’re a woman you can’t ever stop like every time i have a conversation with a man or participate in a class discussion i notice it and it’s honestly my biggest irritant

notice it and stop it. don’t let them talk over you. if they start, do not stop what you are saying and look them straight in the eye until they do. it should not be tolerated

2:38pm October 20, 2014




okay so in my city there’s this billboard and nobody knows what it’s about or who it’s from, it’s just here

there’s no name

this is all it says

"I’m concerned about the blueberries"

that’s it

"I’m concerned about the blueberries"

And now, the weather.

2:37pm October 20, 2014


when adults say teenagers are too young for love, but then too old for fun, and too smart to play dumb but too immature for serious conversations like damn what do u expect from me

2:36pm October 20, 2014


the day i realized that i’d hit rock bottom was when this guy asked me to prom in my junior year and i guess i hesitated before saying yes and he asked if i was waiting for someone else to ask me and i shit you not an image of edward elric flashed through my mind

2:35pm October 20, 2014


"Haha you’ll probably name your baby naruto" um no????? Wtf??????? Why would I name a baby after someone they could never even compare to????? Why would I set a baby up for failure like that

2:33pm October 20, 2014





all fandoms have that one fucking overused quote that is on 99.9% of the  edits 


i dont know if youre agreeing or adding in harry potter

2:33pm October 20, 2014
  • when something posts from your queue when your currently on tumblr
  • me: ooooh thats awesome who reblogged that
  • me: oh wait
  • me: that was me
2:33pm October 20, 2014


Does anyone else have a plastic bag full of plastic bags in their house, or is that just me?

2:32pm October 20, 2014


"you wear that a lot" yes that is because i, a proud owner of a washing machine,

2:32pm October 20, 2014


"but gay and lesbian couples can’t have biological children!!!" friend i have some news for u and it’s called stop pretending trans people don’t exist u piece of shit